Voor Ons Foundation was started by fellow sufferers of sexual abuse, other abuse or a combination of these. Voor Ons Foundation also consists of people involved: people who know a fellow sufferer very well or know what sexual abuse or other abuse can be for someone, and what the impact of this is on life. We also help people learn more about what abuse can do and how you deal with it in your immediate environment.

Voor Ons Foundation has members of all ages, from different situations and backgrounds where two mutual characteristics were present:

Bizarre experiences that have a major impact on life

The big taboo of sexual abuse and other abuse in society

We promote the power of members of Voor Ons Foundation by making all taboos concerning abuse discussable and by avoiding double-speech. We support ourselves in this by thinking in terms of solutions and, where possible, by connecting with other organizations or foundations. “Us” (Ons) is central to Voor Ons Foundation, because these two things bring us together, because we are all of us!