About Us

About Us

Voor Ons Foundation does this

Voor Ons Foundation knows from its own experience how important it can be to meet fellow sufferers or people involved in order to hear the stories of others, but also to possibly share something from themselves.

We do this primarily through the organization of free meetings for fellow sufferers and people involved. The day is provided with food and drink, there is free parking and registration is required. For an impression of our previous meetings with fellow sufferers, you can visit our activities page.

Fellow Sufferers

Voor Ons Foundation organizes fellow sufferer congenial days with free food, drinks and a pleasant place to talk.


We talk with other organisations, media and companies to help break the taboo of abuse.


From time to time, Voor Ons Foundations sits together with government instances to think about what can be done better.

How do we do this?

We seize various creative options to break the taboo of sexual and other abuse, and announce the Voor Ons Foundation. For example, we gave a lecture a number of times during a symposium, and various interviews were given to various media such as Omroep Gelderland, De Gelderlander, Algemeen Dagblad, De Telegraaf and the Belgian and Dutch Flair. We have organized an action day where we gave away free hugs to children in the city center of Nijmegen and we were on markets with second-hand items: proceeds for the Voor Ons Foundation. All are initiatives that we want to expand further in the future.

We think in terms of solutions and possibilities and are convinced that through cooperation with other foundations and organizations more reinforcement, improvement and support can take place. By connecting, fellow sufferers and people involved can be better informed and supported.

More cooperation can greatly improve information and prevention within the judiciary, social services, but also within the family, sport and faith in general, and the taboo can really be broken.